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    Celebrated as one of the leading “aftermarket car parts” dealer, Pol-Timber Ltd. brings you a cutting-edge radiator fan Peugeot 607. Boasting of high-end software and electronics, this GMV speed fan radiator is immensely compatible with the original fan—1253G4.

    While the cooling fan motor Peugeot 607 provides the full functionality to the original component, it protects the car engine from excessive overheating by keeping it ventilated every inch. Not only it expels the heated air surrounding the car engine but also regulates the temperature keeping it cool.

    A cool engine means healthy engine, which otherwise would’ve asked for replacement if there was no radiator fan Peugeot 607. Easy installation, cost-effective rates and ventilated engine —all come together to lend you a car with zero downtime. 

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items